“Riding for health and green planet’ is a Comenius Multilateral  partnership project which helps pupils better understand the active and green life style impact to physical and mental health. Schools from geographically and culturally different countries are involved in the partnership. During two years pupils will carry out variety of activities to get to know and develop intercultural, physical, mental, historical and language knowledge. They will prepare questionnaires and presentations, organize workshops and sports tournament, share and compare information about partner countries, about bicycle using nowadays, traditions and history, about healthy and green riding and lazy life style effect. Meeting time in Greece – project members – Greece, Turkey, France and Latvia found a common solution – told about healthy lifestyle, riding a bike through the Comenius project and involving more countries and students. Other partners from Spain, Romania, Cyprus, Italy and Slovakia accept idea. At the same time, the project will also emphasize the role of the bicycle in our lives – as a friend of the bike, the bike with friends and family. Bike – the history and discovery.The bike – a healthy, green and eco-travel.Overall, the project aims to draw young people’s attention for a healthy and green lifestyle with a bike that will involve your friends, family and community.To improve and develop their mental and physical health, creating bike routes, revealing historical facts, creating brochures and films. The bike can also become a source of personal business.The project is development possibilities for experience in team work, fair co-existence of different groups in society, regardless of age or gender, nationality, physical or mental health.


Tired of the morning, a lazy in the day and the evening to do nothing – a lot of young people in touch with the life style like that. We would like to promote a healthy attitude to life, to promote active and green lifestyle and activities to involve young people in their schools and the local community and tourists.Through this project we hope to draw attention to the young people to spend more time with their family or friends in the fresh air, creating new bike roads and offering them to the local tourism opportunities.Both – students and employees will be motivated to complete a cooperative team work with other countries, which may give them new experiences and engage them in their learning.Cultural and linguistic diversity of this team will enrich your outlook in Europe and make them subject to the jurisdiction to enter an adult society.The students and staff have equal opportunities (including disability) to promote cooperation in team work and improve in a meaningful way, because their self-esteem. Therefore, we plan to include measures tailored to all. In this way, they enjoy the team and understand the benefits of participating in more than winning.We also hope that through this project, to create new opportunities for our students to social inclusion civilization change negatively on their development, such as industrial decline and impoverishment of families.We want to help our students and colleagues to expand their vision, increase our ability to project management.To provide our students, staff and local residents know how the EU cultural, ethical and social values and the process of adaptation and to promote European citizenship can be seen as our motivation for this project.At the same time, we would like to introduce the public to the project and its results.

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